Dinafem – Moby Hash 10 stk.

Dinafems Seeds Moby Hash manages to surpass even her infamous sister, thanks to the cross breeding with the California Hash Plant which creates its impressive productivity.  When growing indoors, the Moby Hash needs 600 watts of lighting per square meter, it is essential if growers wish to achieve the maximum yield.  This Dinafem Seeds Moby Hash is very similar to its sister. Thanks to her being a primarily sativa based plant, her cannabis seeds are very fast growing and has a strong vigor in a vast array of situations.  Outdoors the Moby Hash can grow quite tall.  Naturally resistant to humidity, Moby Hash has a fantastic pine flavour and is high powered, with an active and forceful effect.  Expect an abundance of large, sweet buds of the highest quality and coated in resin.  An awesome outdoor plant as well.

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